Colorful Dream Catcher Bracelet

Neon Colored Dream Catcher Bracelets - Festival / Hippie / Boho Fashion Bracelets

☆ These brightly colored dream catcher bracelets are super cute and colorful! They look great in groups, as single bracelets, or even mixed with other woven friendship style bracelets.

☆ With your purchase, you will receive one dream catcher bracelet in a neon color or colors. They are all handmade and slightly different from each other. They may contain small silver beads and/or larger decorative beads in the center.

☆ Colors are not limited to those shown in the photo. We have many different mixes of bright colors as well as solid colors. Colors are sent at random and cannot be chosen. 

♥ Each bracelet measures 9.5 inches in total length.
♥ The dream catcher itself measures 0.75 inches in diameter.