Mystery 3-Pack Oversize Sweaters

These vintage mystery sweaters are the perfect mix of comfort and fun!

♥ With each purchase, you will receive a total of THREE vintage oversized sweaters. The majority of these sweaters come in neutral or eathy colors. 

✂ These sweaters are unisex, meaning they can be worn by both men or women. Order a size up for a baggier fit. 

♥ The sweaters are sent at random and each design is different from the next. You will not receive duplicates of the same sweater.
♥ Print styles for this package vary and the colors are earthy or neutral in tone.
♥ Sweaters in listing photo have already sold & serve as an example, but similar patterns & colors are available.

♥ The most common fabrics include but are not limited to: Cotton, Acrylic, Wool, Ramie
♥ If you are allergic to any materials, whether it be synthetic, natural, or animal fibers, contact us at so that we can set up a custom order for you  

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