Mystery Vintage Ugly Sweaters

Need the perfect ugly sweater to sport at your next holiday party? We have hundreds of vintage ugly sweaters available for men & women at an affordable price.

If you are throwing an office party and need sweaters for a large group, shoot us an email and we can put together an order for you at a discount! 

Sizes come in either a men's or women's cut. Some ladies prefer the men's cut so feel free to select either. 

Materials and thickness vary by brand. Most sweaters are made out of acrylic blends, but can contain other materials such as polyester, cotton, ramie, wool, nylon, etc. Some sweaters may contain metallic, 3D, or leather embellishments within the design. Please do not order this item if you have any allergies. 

♥ These sweaters are ugly/tacky but do not necessarily have a Christmas theme.
 All sweaters are vintage, second hand and in great condition. 
 All sample photos are our original photography of our actual products. Each sweater is different from the next so you will not know what the sweat looks like until it arrives. They will all have some sort of heinous pattern & tacky appeal.  

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Photography is intellectual property of The Bearded Bee © and may not be used without express written permission from The Bearded Bee.