Mystery Vintage 80's/90's Sweater

All of the 80's - 90's Mystery Sweaters are absolutely wild! Whether you need a comfortable sweater to wear around the house or a bold statement piece to wear out, these sweaters are the perfect mix of comfort and fun. 

The mystery sweaters are meant to be a fun surprise! With your purchase, you will receive ONE great quality vintage patterned sweater. They come in a variety of crazy patterns and colors (bright or dark) and are sent to you at random.  

Sizes are available in either a unisex or women's cut.

Materials and thickness vary by brand. However most of these sweaters are made out of acrylic or cotton blends. Some sweaters may contain metallic, 3D, or leather embellishments within the design (this was common in the 90s). Sweaters can contain wool, so please do not order this item if you have any allergies. 

 All sweaters are vintage, second hand and in good condition.
 All photos are our original photography of our actual products

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