Plain Vintage T-Shirts (3-pack)


Each pack contains three worn, plain vintage T-shirts from the 1970's-1990's! These comfortable, basic tees are perfect for all ages, genders & sizes. Best of all, they can be paired with pretty much anything!

All of the Vintage Tees are hand picked and many of them have been heavily worn to create an extra soft feel. Please note that due to their age, some of the shirts may exhibit small blemishes, pinholes, or minor wear. However none of the items that you receive will be heavily damaged.

☆ These shirts do not contain prints. The mystery shirts are sent at random and the colors cannot be chosen.

♥ M A T E R I A L : 
Materials vary but are typically 100% cotton or cotton/poly. Some of the older tags are extremely worn or are no longer in tact.

♥ S T Y L E S :
The majority of these basic shirts have crew necks, however some v-necks are also available. Some t-shirts may have small front pockets, baseball sleeves, or a ringer colored neck line. 

♥ O T H E R : 
- Great for crafts or iron-ons!
- We have a full rainbow of colors - colors are not limited to those shown in the photo

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