Mystery Vintage Flannel Shirts (5-Pack)


This listing is for a 5 Pack of Vintage Mystery Oversize Flannel Shirts. The 5 pack only comes in men's sizes Large, XL, or 2X. These provide the ideal "oversize" fit for women or a regular fit for men. Five flannel shirts will come with each purchase.

These flannels are vintage and date anywhere from the 1990's or prior. They are not brand new. Some are extra soft and worn, some are thicker. They come in many different colors, plaid patterns, & styles.

We offer the 5-pack of flannels in 2 different forms:
1. Distressed - These flannels have a little more character and come with minor damage such as paint stains, rips, or tears. The distress is usually not very heavy, but we can send heavily distressed items if you request them.
2. Mixed - We will send a mixture of both non-distressed and distressed flannels.

Please note that color preferences for the mystery flannels can be taken into consideration but are not guaranteed as they are subject to availability. There is a comment box at checkout where you can message us, otherwise you will receive a random mixture of colors.

Materials vary but are typically cotton, acrylic, wool, or a heavy cotton material. Please let us know if you have sensitive skin or any material allergies in the comment box at checkout.


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