Sun Bleached Flannels

These hand dyed flannel shirts are made to order and no two are identical. With each purchase, you will receive ONE flannel shirt in the size that you select.

❀ DESCRIPTION: All shirts are re-purposed secondhand items that have been hand-dyed, so each one will be different in terms of color and plaid pattern. Shirts may have minor forms of wear such as minor fraying, small holes, or paint specs, however if there is any damage at all it will be very minimal. 

❀ SIZING: These shirts can be worn by both men & women and fit similarly to a unisex t-shirt. Ordering your normal t-shirt size is recommended for a regular fit. Going 1 size up works well for a baggy fit. If you are a female and go down a size, the shirt may be too small. 

❀ FABRIC: All of these shirts are made of cotton flannel fabric. Measurements and thickness vary slightly by brand but are all pretty much a standard medium-weight cotton. 

❀ COLORS: The sample shirts have already sold and no two shirts are the same. The colors are sent at random. Because the colors change differently throughout the dying process, we cannot take color requests for these shirts. The one you receive will likely have some variation of rose, pink, gold, blush, peach, beige, rust, light gray, cream, caramel, and/or white. Due to the nature of the bleach and dye process, we cannot control the color they turn and these shirts may have a slightly uneven fade of coloring.

❀ SHIPPING: These shirts are made to order and usually take 2-10 business days to be created. Shipping (after the order is made) takes 2-5 business days in the US & 1-4 weeks internationally.

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